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Monday-Sunday 24 HOURS 

Furnace Repair in Humble, TX and Surrounding Areas

Humble, TX Furnace Repair Services

Humble, TX may be known for its heat during the summer, but it also has its share of chilly and rainy days as well. We are here for you in all types of weather with our professional furnace repair and maintenance services. Our team of trained and licensed HVAC technicians is ready at any time of the day or night with fully stocked trucks and a wealth of information and solid advice.

Repair Services

At Texas Comfort Systems, we have experience in repairing all types of furnace systems and are not limited by brand or model. During a typical repair, we may change the filter, repair the starting mechanism, fix or replace the heat exchanger, or recalibrate your thermostat. You may also have a problem with your blower belt or bearings. During each repair, we also check safety features such as your limit switch to make sure they are operating correctly, and we test the efficiency of your system.

Signs That Your Furnace Needs Service

One of the best ways to stay on top of heater repair is to simply pay attention to it throughout the cold season. Your heater will almost always give you signs that a repair will be necessary soon. You should always take note of any smells or sounds coming from your heater. It is normal to smell a hot, musty smell when you first turn on your heater in the winter, but any other smells indicate a problem with your ductwork or the unit itself.

Another sign you should always watch out for is increasing energy bills. Utilities naturally rise and fall with the seasons, but any abnormal change during the winter months is a reason to give us a call. It could indicate that your furnace is working harder than it should heat your home. You can also pay attention to the temperature of the air coming from your ducts. If it begins to feel lukewarm, your heater may be working less efficiently.

Emergency Repairs

When your heater stops working in the middle of a cold night, having your furnace fixed the next day is not an option. Certain problems necessitate emergency repair, while others can wait. Any signs of leaking, whether of gas or water, need to be dealt with immediately. Gas leaks are dangerous, and water leaks can cause damage within hours. Additionally, if your heater is causing electrical problems each time it turns on such as a tripped breaker or flickering lights, this could indicate a bigger problem. If you are unsure if you need service right away, never hesitate to call us.

Choosing Texas Comfort Systems for Your Repair

Heating repair should never be attempted by yourself. HVAC service can come with certain risks, so it is always best to call a professional. When you choose Texas Comfort Systems for your heating services, you gain access to many unique benefits. We take pride in our honest pricing. We never overcharge and we always give accurate estimates before the work is done. You will always pay exactly what you are quoted. We offer 100% satisfaction guaranteed with each repair, and we will do whatever we can to meet your expectations.

Furnace Maintenance

Every furnace is subject to wear and tear and should be inspected yearly for minor repair needs. Our furnace tune-ups help to prevent major repairs and extend the lifespan of your unit by ensuring the smooth operation of each of the components in your furnace. When you schedule a preventative maintenance appointment with Texas Comfort Systems, you can rest assured that your furnace will work efficiently throughout the rest of the winter. Our HVAC technicians follow an extensive list of checks and services such as cleaning, lubrication of moving parts, inspection for leaks, thermostat tests, electrical inspections, and more.

At Texas Comfort Systems, we are excited to serve the members of the Humble community. We strive to maintain our reputation as the best HVAC company in the area by continuing to provide the excellent services that our customers have come to expect. We only hire technicians who share our passion for helping the community and providing precise and trustworthy repairs. If you are looking for a company that is punctual, compassionate, detail-oriented, and committed to excellence in the Humble area, we would be honored to invite you into the Texas Comfort Systems family. Call us today to find out more about our excellent services or to schedule a repair or maintenance appointment.